If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for friends and family, then head to the Christmas Smart Home, supercharged by Virgin Media. Enjoy a tour through the gadget-filled display home with our resident tech guru Lee Baldry and get a taste of the hottest gadgets and technology on the market right now! Even better than that you can get involved!

And for those littluns on the nice list this year, there is a selection of stocking fillers that are sure to be a Christmas hit. From toys and gaming to TV and audio systems, you’ll find the latest technology set to change your lifestyle for 2017!


Living Room

Loewe 04.07.16 117276 Final LR

Loewe Bild 7 OLED TV

Loewe’s flagship TV, Bild 7, combines cutting-edge technology with class leading design. The Bild 7’s state-of the-art OLED panel is custom-made for Loewe by LG to the very highest specification currently available. To this universally acclaimed panel technology Loewe adds a host of specialities, including exquisitely minimalist design, class-leading sound, sophisticated picture processing, an integrated hard disk (PVR), impeccable build quality, wide-ranging connectivity and much more, creating a TV that could reasonably be considered the finest in the world.

Virgin Media TiVo

With so many ways to enjoy Virgin TV, everyone in your house can watch what they love in harmony.
Pair your TiVo box with a set top box in another room, and you’re on your way to telly heaven. Then try TV Anywhere to watch over 100 live channels and catch up on thousands of hours of on demand content on your computer, tablet or phone.

All together, there’s no better way to watch what you want, when you want. And we’ve got loads of channels in glorious HD, at no extra cost.

2663 Tivo A3 FRONT 

Musaic MP5 Music Player

Musaic is a new music system designed to deliver exceptional sound quality. Musaic smart speakers work with your Wi-Fi so you can stream music around your home in true HiFi quality. Musaic is also designed as ‘smart home ready’ – it can connect to smart lighting systems, security products and more, so you have the option to create a smart home that’s simple to set up and easy to manage.



Lucera Wake Lamp

Wakē is an advanced alarm clock that wakes people up with a personal sunrise and focused sounds - gently rousing each person in bed individually.

Lucera Wake Lamp 
Zen Cube Salt Lamp 

Zen Cube Salt Lamp

A box full of better sleep, brighter mood and fresher air - that's Zencube. Zencube is the world's first smart Himalayan salt lamp. Not only can you change the colour of the lamp via your smartphone, you can bask in the beautiful glow of nature.

Vitastiq Vitamin Checker

Vitastiq was founded with a vision to create innovative solutions that benefit a smart lifestyle. Keeping track of it should be simple and affordable to everyone. With this in mind, we combined traditional knowledge and modern technology and created Vitastiq.

Vitastiq Vitamin Checker 



Bowhead Technology Gululu - Smart Bottle

Gululu is the world’s first interactive bottle for children. Although it’s truly one-of-a-kind, many early adopters describe Gululu as Giga Pet’s reincarnation in a smart bottle in the IoT era. As such, we don’t have direct competitors.

The Gululu bottle has amazing interactive features and add-on digital content that are tailor-made for kids.

 Bowhead Technology Gululu Smart Bottle

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster

The IKAWA At Home system combines our Home Coffee Roaster with a carefully curated selection of coffee beans and roast recipes created by experts, allowing you to take your appreciation of coffee to the next level and roast coffee at home, controlled by your phone. They are designed and handmade in London to help make home coffee roasting accessible, straight forward and elevate customers appreciation of what makes a great coffee.

Uutensil Skaler & Stirr

üutensil is a British design company that creates exciting and innovative kitchen products. üutensil use a blank slate approach to cooking tasks – allowing for better ways of preparing food. The beautiful products embrace how people really live and cook. They stand out on the retail shelf and in your kitchen.

uutensil skåler stirr 
 SureFeed feeder

SureFeed Feeder

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder recognises a pet’s unique microchip number or RFID collar tag, opening only for them. When the authorised pet approaches, the lid slides open automatically to reveal the food, closing again when the pet has finished eating.


SmartyPans is a smart cooking pan that senses weight and temperature of ingredients as you cook. Our app uses this data to record and share your recipes in real time, give you step by step cooking instruction and compute nutrition of food being cooked in real time. Our app also integrates with fitness trackers like fitbit.




XVIDA Wireless Charger

XVIDA Smartphone Mounting System with Qi Wireless Charging is an entire collection of accessories, which bring seamless wireless power and effortless magnetic mounting to iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6/6S Plus & Qi enabled smartphones. Version for iPhone 7 coming soon!

XVIDA Wireless Charger img 
Immedia Blink Wireless Security Camera

Immedia Blink Wireless Security Camera

Blink is the one-of-a-kind, battery powered home security and HD video monitoring system.

Both easy to use and easy on your wallet (systems start at $99 with no monthly fees), Blink makes home security truly accessible to renters and homeowners alike. As soon as motion is detected, video instantly starts recording and an alert with the attached clip is sent to your smartphone via the Blink App. Want to check in on home?

Virgin Media Super Hub

Our Super Hub gives ultrafast WiFi speeds that stay fast across loads of devices because it uses 5GHz and 2.4GHz at the same time, and has a sneaky extra wireless antenna. Team this with VIVID, our next generation optical fibre, up to 200Mbps, and you can reach ultrafast WiFi speeds around your home.

What’s more, you can be assured you’re all safe online with latest wireless encryption technology, Web Safe, F Secure SAFE™ and parental controls.

Virgin SuperHub 
EX01 Allocacoc

PowerCube: A compact multi-socket adapter with a unique cubic design and characterising colours. It charges up to 6 devices simultaneously without any plugs blocking each other. Keep it out of sight yet within reach by mounting it onto any flat surface. They offer a range of models with additional functionalities to meet your needs.

PowerCube Extended USB: Integrated dual USB-ports allow smartphones and tablets to be charged directly with a USB cable.

PowerCube Remote: A battery-free remote paired with a PowerCube to control power from a distance.

PowerUSB Portable: A compact and versatile power bank, designed to be your perfect companion for sharing files and charging multiple devices on the go.

Lenovo - Yoga 900

The YOGA 900 is instantly recognisable as something different. By testing perceptions of what a laptop should be, the YOGA 900 stays one step ahead and delivers the performance you need to work and play in any situation in its four famous modes: Laptop, Stand, Tent & Tablet. Recognisably different from the competition, the Yoga 900 is unbelievably thin and elegant. From the innovative 360° watchband hinge to the eye catching colour options, this 2-in-1 will definitely turn heads. Packed with the latest Intel processing power and customisation features of Windows 10, your Yoga 900 will be your constant companion.

YOGA 900 Silver Image 5