Leading global supplier of technology and services, The Bosch Group, will be showcasing its latest products during a roadshow of the UK offering consumers the chance to experience a smarter way of living.

One of the stops will be at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas where visitors will be able to see all of The Bosch Group’s main divisions, brought together for the first time – Bosch Home Appliances, Power Tools, Worcester Bosch and Smart Homes –working in union to promote the brand’s integrated solutions for sustainable living.

Their stand will take you through a fully connected home that utilises the latest sensors, software and services technology. The experience aims to demonstrate Bosch’s philosophy in making life easier and improving quality of life for all, particularly within the home.

Come and get involved with interactive displays and hands-on demonstrations to showcase all elements of a smart home, from connected kitchen appliances with remote access, to intelligent heating and connected home security solutions. Their stand even extends into a makeshift garden, in which you’ll have the opportunity to trial Bosch’s Indego robotic lawn mower and Bosch powered eBikes.