Schaefer Toy Company will be exhibiting their two educational construction toys – Brixies and mic-o-mic

mic o mic is an educational designed toy, targeting the individual abilities and skills of children. The construction kits comprise of individual textured parts which are connected by pins and clips. Each part feels comfortable to the touch and especially appealing to children.

Whether with wings, wheels or sails, our models' clearly defined shapes and bright, contemporary colours make the range absolutely unique. The range encourages children and parents to play together – perhaps competing with each other as the child becomes more competent.

Brixies is a mini bricks building system made from hiqh-quality ABS plastic, complying to the latest safety standards for children´s toys. The smallest brick in our assortment only measures 4 x 4 x 5 mm and the largest brick 35 x 8 x 5 mm, thus allowing our team of designers to create models of the highest detail.

There are 23 different colours in our range providing for colourful and real-looking construction kits that you and your children will enjoy building.

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