Andrew Green is the new, young executive chef at The Lowry Hotel, and he is bringing a passion for the North West region’s food to his vivid new menu at this five-star establishment.

“My love of food started early. From the age of 11 I worked at a greengrocers as a school job. My job was to tidy displays and clear up. What was unusual about the place was they used to have big jars of different herbs and spices, so I got intrigued by all the different smells and tastes. Plus they also stocked six or seven different kinds of apples, which alerted me to the variety of produce that was out there if you looked.

“A friend was working in a Glossop Italian restaurant called Firenze and getting £15 a night. I wanted a bit of that. Soon I was doing three nights after school, so earning £45 a week, pot washing, cleaning. Soon I graduated to veg prep, bruschetta chopping. I learned so much from Renato, Giuseppe and Giovanni. How to make home-made pasta, how to gut sardines with your fingers, how to concassé tomatoes. After a year I was elevated to pasta and pizza chef.

“From money I saved, at 16 I paid for my own holiday to the Algarve in Portugal near the Spanish border and the food I discovered there was a revelation. By 19, after doing my A levels, I was head chef at Firenze. The chefs took me out to the Naples region for two weeks. Wow! I had already discovered Chinatown, so my horizons were expanding.”

His professional horizons included the Radisson SAS at Manchester Airport, where he started as a chef de partie, eventually returning to become exec chef, a post he also held at its Airport rival, the Crowne Plaza before joining The Lowry Hotel. His CV also includes a globetrotting exec chef/training role with Park Inns as well as that stint at the Alias Rossetti under his obvious mentor David Gale, later of the Hilton. Soaking up lessons such as “learning not to over-elaborate with dishes. Let the best ingredients speak of themselves”.

That ethos shines through in his first Lowry menu. Andrew’s other culinary hero is Marco Pierre White, the celebrity chef who over-saw the original launch of The Lowry Hotel’s Restaurant. The omens are good for the future of this iconic place to wine and dine in the city.