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Beautility Bag

Bianka Poole Kit Pro
  • Beautility Bag
  • Beautility Bag
  • Beautility Bag
Beautility Bag Beautility Bag Beautility Bag

The Bianka Poole KIT PRO Beauty bag is a 7in1 “Beautility Bag”, for all things beauty and more. With two slim side pouches, two deep master pouches, a pyramid main compartment inclusive of a brush roll & mat, plus a shoulder strap. Lets face it, having organised space for your beauty collection is a MUST.

Although this bag is aimed towards Pro artists and makeup enthusiast, the “KIT PRO Beautility Bag” is not just for MUA’s. Hair dressers, beauty therapists, nail technicians, even those that love to travel with hand luggage. The possibilities of this bag are endless.

So how does the Beautility bag work? It is based around a folding design where your products remain compact and tidy when folded or un-folded with each section of the bag accessible at all times. The bag can unfold a compartment at a time or all at once and lay flat, the way you use your Beautility bag is up to you. When you are ready to pack up, pop closed the outer compartments, use the handle to lift the bag up and the main pouches automatically velcro together, hey presto, you are good to go.

The inclusive brush roll and mat is great for those times when you want a surface protector, it’s all there and in a wipeable waterproof nylon fabric.

Bag dimensions:

W: 26cm

H: 26cm

D: 26cm


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