Calum Best, the TV personality best known for his appearance on Celebrity Love Island and last year's Celebrity Big Brother, will be holding meet and greet sessions for people buying his brand of embossed journals at the Show, every day at 12pm and 4pm at his stand!

Calum has launched his own personalised journal and daily planner designed to help users reach their annual goals. The BestMe Journal is the game-changing tool built to help users overcome procrastination and become more productive. He will be selling his journals from his stand at the show, for you to buy and get personally signed.

The journal and daily planner helps Calum keep focused on his goals in life by simply writing down what he needs to achieve and he hopes that this simple but innovative idea will help others achieve theirs too. The journal is where productivity meets mindfulness.

Calum says that it's easy for people to fall off their 'goal getting wagon' However, the Best Me Journal is designed to keep you on track by helping you organise your goals and ambitions. It has worked so well for Calum he has even designed a kids version 'The Best Buddy' to help kids focus and be more mindful.

The perfect Christmas gift option to help a loved one achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves, they can even be embossed with their initials to make a really special gift.


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