A warm welcome to our sponsors Pension Insurance Corporation (PIC)

We are delighted to welcome back PIC as sponsors of The Christmas Theatre. Enjoy live demos on the Christmas Theatre sponsored by PIC with everything from tips and tricks to reduce seasonal stress to the best festive drinks.

PIC is a specialist insurer of defined benefit pension funds and the company protects pension benefits through innovative, tailored insurance products for multi-member pension funds. They have now insured the benefits of more than 140,000 pensioners.

PIC has been hosting complimentary events for its pensioners for the past seven years – the only insurance company in their market to do so. These events provide the opportunity to hear some great headline speakers and enjoy an exhibition. They also provide their pensioners with the opportunity to meet with and question senior management about the security of their pension benefits.

Many past attendees have told PIC they enjoy these events as they are able to reconnect with former colleagues and reminisce about days gone by. They help to create a community, building on the values and culture that people associate with the defined benefit pension system. They are starting to see their pensioners form new friendships, meeting up outside of these events and creating new social groups.

If you are a trustee or a sponsor of a defined benefit pension fund, and would like to find out more about how they can help you to secure your members’ benefits please visit us at www.pensioncorporation.com