"We like to work with people who share our values and think a little bit ‘Virgin’. Media 10 just ‘get it’."- Paula Gregory,Sponsorship Campaign Manager

Virgin Media was the UK’s very first company to offer TV, superfast broadband, home phone and mobile all from one place. In a fast-paced, digitally connected world, they provide the UK’s fastest widely available broadband for

Why do Virgin Media choose to align their brand with the Ideal Home Show?

The Ideal Home Show is the perfect fit for us. It’s all about creating homes with happy families at their heart. And that’s exactly what we’re here to do – connecting people to everything and everyone they love.

What activity do you do at the Ideal Home Show that you think makes you are different from other technology brands?

At Virgin Media, we know that it’s not just technology that’s exciting, but what it can do in people’s lives. Letting everyone get online at the same time, whether they’re movie-watching Sofa Bears, box set loving Night Owls, chitty chatty Parrots or busy little Broadbandits stealing all your devices. Our house gives customers the chance to see what a supercharged home feels like.Plus, the chance to try all the gadgets and gizmos for themselves upstairs. And it wouldn’t be a Virgin Media event without a bit of unexpected fun and mischief thrown in along the way. Describe your brand objectives from being an Ideal Home Show sponsor, and how you measure the ROI of each of show:It’s all about showing how we’re the champions of brilliant customer service. Our ‘supercharged home’ is full of our brilliant tech and staffed by our one-of-a-kind team, who live and breathe our brand values. It represents who we are, how we work and what every customer can expect from us. Once the show’s over, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research to assess brand warmth and advocacy, and measure show sales.

Describe the importance of live events to your overall brand strategy? Our Sponsorship team works on a number of live events over the year from Ideal Home Show to V Festival, not to mention the EGX gaming show too. It’s a chance to shout about who we are and what we’reabout, bringing the brand and our great entertainment credentials to life, the only way we know how – by showing people a good time.

How do you find working with Media 10?

We like to work with people who share our values. Luckily, Media 10 know us inside out. They’ve been working with us a long time, know how we roll and are always up for new challenges and looking at things in different ways.We like to work with people who share our values and think a little bit ‘Virgin’. Media 10 just
‘get it’.