Bucklesbury creates luxury leather business bags for discerning men and women that are available in 26 striking colour options. The Bucklesbury bag was created by female entrepreneur Edita Macfarlane who wanted a classic but modern bag that was as beautiful as it was practical, which could replace the need to carry a separate laptop bag and a handbag.

Available in two sizes for women and for men, the distinct design of the Bucklesbury bag is a striking example of a handcrafted product that defines the term ‘investment piece’. To set Bucklesbury apart from the well-known ‘superbrands’, each bag is built by hand using only traditional manufacturing methods that have not changed since 1948. It takes 16 hours for a skilled Italian craftsman to build each Bucklesbury bag by hand.

Every bag is designed with intentional variations in their colour that is derived from unique additions that Bucklesbury makes during the tanning process to enhance the beauty of each bag and so that the patterns within the colour of each bag is as unique as a fingerprint.

Many Bucklesbury owners acquire their first bag at a key milestone in their life – starting a new job or business, qualifying in a profession or winning a big promotion. And so at the Ideal Homes Christmas Show, Bucklesbury will be offering extra-special ‘secret’ discounts to anyone buying a Bucklesbury as a gift to mark a key milestone or achievement in life.