Maisons Uniques is proud to present their authenticTurkish hand crafted products, including ceramic bowls of different sizes as well as handmade mosaic lamps. They combine simplicity and elegance to give their products a unique touch.

The production of mosaic lamps are made with care. The colored glass comes in the form of a large plate and is cut into small pieces using special scissors. All pieces are assembled with love and care- even the smallest candle holder takes 40 - 45 minutes to form.

Ceramics are all around us. It is one of the ancient products produced by mankind. Decorated ceramic bowls are made with skill, patience and artistry. The art of Turkish ceramic-making has developed over the centuries, incorporating many different techniques and styles. The ceramic industry in Turkey achieved a deservedly worldwide reputation.

Do not miss the stand of Maisons Uniques as they will provide you an opportunity to provide a personalized Christmas gift for your beloved ones!