• Paper, fabric, scissors and template
• 24x11cm brown or white felt for the body and wings
• 3x6cm felt for the eyes
• Embroidery cotton and needle
• 20x2cm red felt for the scarf
• Two 2cm diameter wooden buttons for the eyes (optional)
• Scrap of brown or black felt for the beak and pupils
• 15-20cm ribbon
• About 8g of toy filling

1.Copy the templates onto paper and cut out. Transfer the shapes to the felt and cut two body pieces and two wings from the large piece of felt, and one beak and two eyes from the smaller pieces of felt.
2.Take the long piece of red felt and cut little fringes along both ends. Do not cut them too thin or they will tear and fall off.
3.For button eyes, lay the felt circles on the front body piece with the wooden buttons on top. Secure them to the body with a few stitches through the buttonholes. For felt eyes, place the felt circles on the front body piece and stitch them in place with long straight stitches starting from the centre and radiating outwards. Cut a small circle of brown or black felt for each pupil, about 0.5–1cm diameter, and stitch in the centre of the eye. Finish with a French knot.
4.Place the beak just below the eyes and sew it in place.
5.Take your length of ribbon and fold it in half. This will be the hanging loop. Place it at the top of the head on the wrong side of the back body piece. Make a couple of small stitches to secure it. Do not cut your thread.
6.Put the front piece on top of the back piece, wrong sides together, with the ends of the hanging loop sandwiched between the two. Sew all the way round with a blanket or overhand stitch. Stuff the owl with toy filling before sewing the gap shut.
7.Place the wings on the sides of the owl about halfway down and sew them along the top with a few overhand stitches. Tie the scarf around the neck.