• Paper, fabric and embroidery scissors
• Paper, pencil and ruler
• Two pieces of coloured felt 5x9cm per tag
• Zigzag scissors
• Embroidery needle
• Contrasting embroidery cotton, fabric glue
• 12cm of narrow ribbon per tag
• Scraps of felt, ribbon, small
buttons or beads

1.Draw a 9x5cm rectangle. Make a mark 1cm from each corner and cut off the corners either in a straight line or curved. This will be the template for your tags.
2.Transfer the template to the felt and cut two different-coloured pieces per tag.

For the red tag:
3.Cut a 2x4cm rectangle of felt
in a contrasting colour using zigzag scissors. Write the name you wish to embroider on it with
a faint pencil line. Embroider the name using backstitch. Place this name piece on top of the red rectangle and attach it with French knots in each corner.
4.Place the red rectangle on top of the cream rectangle. Take the 12cm piece of ribbon, fold it in half and sandwich the looped end in between the two rectangles, half way along one of the short edges. Sew the sides of the tag together with blanket stitch, matching the two rectangles perfectly and ensuring the looped ribbon is held securely in place.

For the blue tag:
5.Write the name in the centre of the blue rectangle with a pencil. Embroider with backstitch.
6.With the fabric glue, draw a horizontal line above and below the name, approximately 1cm from each edge. Place your decorative ribbon on it and trim the edges. Repeat with the two vertical lines of ribbon on each side of the name.
7.Place a dot of glue on each corner where the two ribbons cross and stick on a small button.
8.When dry, apply glue very thinly to the back of your blue felt rectangle, leave it to touch dry and place it on top of the cream rectangle. Press them firmly together for a few seconds, wiping away any glue which may seep out.
9.Thread the 12cm length of ribbon through a big embroidery needle and push through the felt to create the tie. Secure to the tag with a knot.