• Red satin ribbon, 1.5cm wide
• Craft paper or card
• Paper scissors
• Pencil and tailor’s chalk
• Light and dark green felt 
• 25mm pom-pom maker (or make your own from two circles of card)
• Red and white yarn
• Six or more wooden spring
loaded laundry pegs
• Glue gun

1. Start by deciding how long you want your card holder to be and cut the ribbon to size. Tie a knotted loop at either end to allow it to hang and place it to one side. 
2. Decide on a number of pegs to make. For each peg, use either red or white yarn for the berries. 
3. Photocopy a holly leaf template onto some craft paper or card, then cut it out using paper scissors. Use this template and tailor’s chalk to mark out as many leaves on the green felt as you require. Use three leaves per peg in a mix of dark and light green. Cut out the leaves and set aside.
4. For the berries make a pom-pom using either red or white yarn or a pom-pom maker. Make two berries per peg. Trim the pom-poms into neat balls and set aside. 
5. Assemble each peg by attaching three leaves using a glue gun, alternating the colours. At the same time, glue two berries together and then stick onto the holly leaves. 
6. Repeat until you have enough pegs, then hang your cards from the ribbon and pin to your wall or hang from a banister.