Do you get tired of the same old Christmas decorations every year? Do you hate clashing, lurid colours during the Festive Season? Well, Good Homes Magazine’s ‘Scandichic’ theme could be for your home this Christmas.

A limited colour palette consisting of neutral whites, greys, icy blue and splashes of warm red could be the answer. The look draws inspiration from Scandinavian styles, with traditional Nordic patterned fabrics and crockery to add detail to the neutral colours. This is a great way to pare colours back without losing decorative features.

This look can be easily achieved on a budget too. Twigs spray painted silver or berry sprigs could make a good table centre piece, and you could tie red ribbons around plain candlesticks.

You could even rework some items you already own by painting old photo frames or by painting or sewing a pattern onto a plain table runner using a stencil (Take a look at The Stencil Company if you are unable to make your own). Don’t be afraid of mismatching your tableware or textures either!