Elves Behavin’ Badly are proud to sponsor the Christmas Bandstand area.

Elves Behavin’ Badly, one of the fastest growing Christmas countdown trends, have launched their range of Elf Dolls and new accessories for 2017. This pre-Christmas ritual has thousands of fans, who, from December 1st – 24th in conjunction with their elves, secretly create fun scenes of mischief and playful pranks, for their children, other adults and even colleagues at the office, to behold each morning.

Visit Elves Behavin’ Badly at the Christmas Bandstand to see the original Elfie, his female Elf companion Elvie, the impossibly cute Elf triplets and even Rudie the Reindeer, all of which are instantly recognisable by their big ears.

Alongside the original Elves Behavin’ Badly vinyl-faced dolls, you can see our new accessories, that are a must have for every elf, including; Elf Sleigh, Elf Post Box, Elf Swing, Elf clothes and Best Seller the Elf Surveillance camera.