Starting off in the music industry over a decade ago Lee got a role hosting a live game show called “it’s a knockout” touring Europe and worked for some of the best blue chip companies including Vodafone, Sony, Samsung, Barclaycard and Deutsche bank to name a few. Lee’s first TV role was on Bid-­‐ where challenged by the intense live sales, Lee stayed on for three years Perfecting his “live” skills. Since this time and over the last 10 years Lee has worked for some of TV’s major players including Fremantle Media/Talkback Thames, SKY TV and ITV productions. Currently working on Supercasino on Channel 5 and has clocked over 8,000 hours of Live TV to date.

With a great knowledge of gadgets, gizmos, cars and travel and a love for showcasing new products Lee has been the resident gadget expert for Media 10’s Ideal Home show for almost a decade and has worked with companies such as SONY UK, Samsung and Phillips to take their product to the nation via channels such as QVC and shows such as Grand Designs Live and The Ideal Home Show with an in depth knowledge and a flair to connect the viewer with the product.