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Breathtaking paints that won’t take your breath away

wooden chair next to large plant and blue wall

Image: Crown Paints

Paint isn’t kind to everyone. The solution? A fabulous range from Crown Paints…

Allergy action

Room with pink walls, green soda, coffee table and pink chair

Image: Crown Paints

Chemicals that have been traditionally used in paints are there for a reason – they give it important properties such as rapid drying and lustre, making it easy to wipe and more. But they come with side effects for some people. These VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds – can trigger asthma symptoms, while causing sore, runny eyes, skin irritation and much more in others.

Happily, technology has come a long way, and Crown Paint has invested time and money in reducing the allergenics in their paints. The Breatheasy range is the culmination of that research – paint with the properties that customers expect yet is allergy-friendly.

Paint that performs

table and chair with plates, flowers and pendant light

Image: Crown Paints

99% solvent free and with very low VOC’s, Breatheasy also has the seal of approval from Allergy Standards. The asthma and allergy friendly mark is a registered certification mark of Allergy Standards Ltd and is only given after consideration of both the chemical make-up of the paint, but also its performance.

The mark means that the range is not only ideal for those with allergies or asthma, but it also performs well as a paint, being easy to clean, quick to dry and no chemicals transfer to your fingers if you touch it after it dries.

Colour that breathes

child’s bedroom with bed, toys and patterned wall

Image: Crown Paints

As well as providing peace of mind for those that need it, Crown Paint’s Breatheasy collection is also fresh, modern and beautiful. These silk and matt emulsions lend themselves to any kind of colour scheme, whether it’s balance and harmonious, or one full of fashionable clashes.

Seeking inspiration? Browse the eight colour families online and look out for favourites such as the deep hues of Mustard Jar or the Teal that works so well with other blue shades for a stylish, moody look. Paint that lifts your home and cares for the people in it? Perfection.

sofa wall and curtain in different shades of blue

Image: Crown Paints


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