23– 27 November 2022 olympia, london


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Lynne Lambourne

Tina Nandha is a Professional Gift Wrapper and the founder of Wrap it By Tina. For Tina, gift wrapping is adding personal touches to create unique and beautifully wrapped gifts with meticulous detail throughout. Every gift that leaves her studio is sumptuously packaged and is fit for royalty. Her overall goal is to provide a high-end service for clients all around the world.

She has acquired many skills throughout this entrepreneurial journey including a few bumps in the road. She set up The Wrap it Studio to bring together the creators of this world and to grow an online community of likeminded creative crafters, where they can learn from and support each other, and she can share the knowledge she has gained throughout her years in the gifting industry.

Having a studio with an array of luxurious ribbons, wrapping papers, and embellishments allows her to get very creative to make beautiful gifts and wraps. She loves learning new styles and enjoys testing the limits especially when Tina’s Wrap Challenge had her gift wrap a BMW, gift wrap blindfolded, and gift wrap in many other quirky ways.

Tina's creativity continues at home as a mum to two young girls and after her own experience of baby loss, rainbows are a prominent theme throughout Wrap it By Tina as a sign of hope after a storm.

No gift is too big or too small to be given the Wrap it by Tina touch for all your premium gifting needs.