27 Nov - 1 Dec 2024, Olympia London


Stand: H140
  • | Clothing
  • | Decorative Accessories & Photo Frames
  • | Fashion Accessories
  • | Gifts
  • | Pictures & Wall Art
  • | Room Decorations
  • | Soft Furnishing & Cushions
  • | Christmas Home

Who We Are

Art Merchandise is a groundbreaking company that specializes in offering merchandise from artists who create raw, cutting-edge pieces with powerful social commentary. We understand the importance of showcasing art that challenges norms and sparks conversations, and we believe that art should not be limited to gallery walls. At Art Merchandise, we provide new opportunities for artists to introduce their work to a wider audience through our premium art merchandising platform.

For artists, partnering with Art Merchandise means more than just selling original artwork. It means reaching a whole new range of diverse audiences who are passionate about art that pushes boundaries. We offer a wide array of formats for art enthusiasts to choose from, allowing them to display their favorite pieces in unique and creative ways within their homes. Whether it's a framed poster, a striking rug, or any other form of art merchandise, we empower art fans to take control of their budgets and decide how they want to showcase their favorite artwork.

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