27 Nov - 1 Dec 2024, Olympia London

Let's make this Christmas green!

Let's make this Christmas green!

Sustainability has been a big topic this year, with recyclable decorations and ornaments predicted to be the hottest Christmas trend this year.

Over the Christmas period, household waste rockets to a third more than the rest of the year. In the days between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day we as a planet rack up 5% of our annual carbon footprint. So here are some interesting tricks and tips to reduce your wastage this winter season.

When buying presents for your loved ones, why not opt for some eco-friendly gift options? Take a walk at the Show and explore our wide range of brands and exhibitors, with many offering sustainable and eco-friendly gift ideas. Visit Clarityblend at stand G425 for sustainable aromatherapy gifts. All its products are on the road to being completely plastic-free, with the use of glass containers, bamboo, rubber-capped pipettes and fully recyclable boxes.

Why not see Favor and Grace at stand G325 for some environmentally friendly candles and wax melt? It sells completely recyclable and handmade products whilst keeping an eye on our beautiful planet. On top of that, all the products are vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil free.

Many more of our Exhibitors promote their eco-friendly products. See Freddies Flowers at stand H365 for sustainable flowers that are grown to avoid waste and packaged in biodegradable bags and boxes. Or Thrift Vintage at stand D830 for retro home items that support reusing and rehoming.

Even when the Christmas season is over, don’t throw out those old Christmas cards, wrapping paper and gift bags! Reuse them next season and give them a new life. Turn them into gift tags, bunting, a paper wreath or even fold old cards into makeshift gift boxes. Not only will this help reduce paper waste, but also help to save money over the Christmas period.

Taking the time to change our Christmas habits could improve our climate footprint, and help support our wonderful planet. So let’s make this winter season green!


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