27 Nov - 1 Dec 2024, Olympia London

Lucy Heale - The London Refinery

Lucy Heale - The London Refinery

Founder, The London Refinery

The London Refinery is all about crafting natural fragrance. We use essential oils which we carefully blend together. Each product has a refined fragrance to create different emotions and enhance your wellbeing.

The London Refinery Candle uses perfect scent combinations. Each candle blend combines 100%pure essential oils with soy wax in our London Refinery to create the perfect candle for your home.

In The London Refinery, it's all about essential oils that are blended into exclusive products. We bring the nature's work into the modern day, with simple, healthy and natural products. Free from horrible stuff like petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances or paraffin.

Look into the our world of manufacturing, where the words ‘natural’ and ‘handmade’ come to life. Our London based 'Refiners' cook up a storm and experiment with fragrance in our HQ in Ealing, London.Get a glimpse into our limited edition recipes, freshly dreamt up innovations and fragrance combinations.

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